Platte River

Platte River is one of the most renowned rivers in the state of Michigan. Located in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, it has become a favorite destination for tourists to tube, kayak, fish and swim to their heart's content.

Map of Platte River and Platte Lake

The river divides into the Upper Platte River and Lower Platte River, making for some fun adventures and variety each time you visit. It even empties into Platte Lake. The river flows west and eventually north, ending in Lake Ann. While the river is shallow at 2-3 feet deep on average, Platte Lake is an astounding 95 feet deep!

Platte River and Lake are the perfect tourist spots. Here are a few of the things you may find yourself doing when you arrive at the best river in Michigan.

Platte River Beach

Is Platte River Beach dog-friendly?
No, they are not allowed on the National Lakeshore.

How much is parking for Platte River Beach?
Parking: $5, bring cash.

Distance: 25 minute drive North

Obviously, everyone wants to know where are the beaches. Platte Point Beach (River Beach) is highly commended for its cleanliness and position on Lake Michigan's waters. It's one of the few beaches that lie near the river. It's not too far from the lodge, either, so there's no reason you shouldn't catch some sun here.

Platte River, Michigan Fishing

Where do I get fishing gear?
Trout fishing in the Platte River is incredibly popular. You can go river fishing, or you can choose to cast your line in Platte Lake. Fortunately, there are a few bait and tackle shops (Frankfort Tackle Box and Backcast Fly Shop) that can fill in the gaps in your fishing equipment.

The Platte River is in particular popular with fly fishermen! If you are looking for more hot fishing spots in northern Michigan, you may want to read this.

Platte River Tubing

When is Platte River Tubing open?
Riverside Canoe Trips is open from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. They can rent you tubes.

How much does Platte River Tubing cost?
$9 - (1 hour) and $16 - (2 hours)

Now for the most popular activity! Going tubing with your friends and family can make for a fun afternoon. You can ride for one to three hours. The one hour trip will be a 45-minute float followed by a walk back through the woods. The three-hour option is a two-and-a-half hour float to Lake Michigan beach followed by a shuttle ride back to Riverside Canoe Trips.

Riverside Canoe Trips and Kayaking

When is Riverside Canoe Trips open?
Riverside Canoe Trips is open from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. They can rent you canoes and kayaks.

Riverside Canoe Trips and Kayaking Rentals
Canoes: $50/two hours
Kayaks: $39 single/two hours and $63 double/two hours

People who rent kayaks and canoes have two options: the easier path and the intense one. Lower Platte River is perfect for those wanting to view the lush scenery, while Upper Platte River is perfect for adventurous spirits. If you take the Upper Platte River, know it is likely you will tip over, so keep that in mind. 

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

When is the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive open?
9 a.m. to 30 minutes after sunset (depends on time of year)

How much does the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive cost?
$25 per vehicle.

Let's say you want to view the scenery, but would rather not get in the water. There is an option for you! The popular Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive will take you through miles of forest, leading to perfect picture opportunities. The trail is closed in the winter, and is open for less time during the darker times of year. It's an amazing fall drive!